What is an LED?  -- LED stands for light emitting diode, which is a semiconductor device that emits visible light whenelectrical current passes through it.

What is a heat sink?  -- A heat sink is a conductor specially designed to dissipate heat. They are used in LEDs because they are very heat sensitive. As the LEDs generate light, they also give off some heat. When several LEDs are next to each other in a bulb, heat builds up and can lower the LEDs’ performance. A heat sink dissipates the heat to keep the LEDs performing optimally.

What are IES files?  -- IES files contain photometric data. The majority of TG Lighting fixtures have IES files which can be downloaded on our website.

How can I view an IES file?  -- IES files contain luminous intensity data and angular information which is typically presented as polar diagrams and cone diagrams. Neither of these diagrams is included in the file format itself, but can be generated from the files by using lighting analysis and design programs such as Photometrics Pro, Photometric Toolbox, Relux or Dialux. A free viewer can also be downloaded from

How does LED make the world a better place and a more beautiful place? -- LED has changed the way the world sees light. Inefficient, old-style incandescents and CFLs are being phased out by a lighting technology that can deliver warm, traditional light or a cooler, more contemporary white light, all while using a fraction of the energy and with virtually zero environmental damage.

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